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Michael Graves

Exercise Branch Chief

Michael Graves

Mr. Michael A. Graves is the Exercise and Training Director and NIMS Compliance Officer for MABAS-IL. His primary responsibilities include validation and certification activities for MABAS deployable teams and assets.  Since his engagement with MABAS he has been involved in over 100 exercises with various MABAS teams, local response, State response, Regional response, and National response.

Mr. Graves serves as an instructor for the Illinois Terrorism Task Force (ITTF) teaching all National Incident Management System (NIMS) courses and teaches primarily the ICS 300 and ICS 400 courses.

Mr. Graves serves as a MABAS Liaison at the State Incident Response Center in the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. He is a member of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force Training Committee and the co-chair of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force Exercise Sub-Committee.

Mr. Graves holds a bachelor's degree in Management from the University of Illinois - Springfield, a Masters in Business Administration, with a concentration in e-commerce, from Touro University, and a Master of Divinity, with a concentration in education, from Lincoln Christian College and Seminary.  He is also a FEMA certified Master Exercise Practitioner and a FEMA certified Continuity Practitioner.

Mr. Graves is a retired Army Command Sergeant Major. Mr. Graves began his military career in the active duty Air Force in 1976.  Subsequently, he entered the Virginia National Guard in 1979 and in 1987 he transferred to the Illinois National Guard, and he retired in 2005 with over 24 years of active service.

Since his retirement from the Army in 2005, Mr. Graves has been employed by various companies as a contractor.  His initial assignment was overseeing the transformation of the Illinois National Guard.  His subsequent assignment was as the Strategic Planner and acting Planning Officer for the Illinois National Guard.

Currently Mr. Graves also works as a contractor for the National Guard Bureau as the FEMA Region V Defense Readiness Anaylist.  In this position he assisted the six states within FEMA Region V during the implementation of the Defense Readiness Reporting System, and supervises the rest of his team in the other 9 FEMA regions. He has worked in organizational development and strategic planning for the past twenty-five years. He has been involved in Management by Objectives, Total Quality Management, Balanced Scorecard, Baldrige Quality Awards, Lean Six Sigma, and the Strategic Management System.  For the past fifteen years he has been involved in these programs at the state level in the Illinois National Guard.