MABAS has exciting news!!
We will rolling out Contact Information Management System (CIMS 2.0) the third quarter of 2019.
We will be shutting down CIMS on May 1, 2019.
There will be no access to CIMS, and no new Tier II cards will be distributed during the down time.

This down time is needed to sync our 10,000 plus users to the new system. Please keep an eye on your e-mail, MABAS web site, social media, and newsletter for go live date for CIMS 2.0 PRESS RELEASE from MABAS-Illinois MABAS has exciting news and we know everyone has been patiently awaiting this moment! MABAS HQ will be rolling out Contact Information Management System 2.0 (know as CIMS) the third quarter of 2019. As we would like to give an exact date the changeover can take some time and we do not want to disappoint. So, with this being said there are a few important details that all of you need to know. • CIMS will need to be shut down to the Public, the date set is May 1, 2019 • There will be NO access to CIMS once the system is shut down • There will be NO tier II cards printed during this time The reason for the complete shut down is so that the new system can sync to our 10,000 plus users. We will keep everyone updated regarding this transition and please remember to keep your eye out on the MABAS web site, MABAS’s Facebook page, Twitter, email and the MABAS Newsletter regarding the live date! We look forward to a new and improved CIMS 2.0!

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The CIMS database is an information management system which has been developed in order to provide MABAS-IL members one central location to provide and update individual and Division information. Additionally, the database fosters the participation and sharing of information in a secure manner throughout the MABAS-IL membership along with other homeland security disciplines represented through the Illinois Terrorism Task Force.  If you have questions or need help with CIMS email us at​

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