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Harry Tallacksen

​Chief Harry Tallacksen While 20 years into a 36-year career in industry, Harry Tallacksen

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Chief Sean M. Maloy
Chief Sean M. Maloy is the fire chief of the Bedford Park (IL) Fire Department. During
his 25-plus years in the fire service, Chief Maloy held every rank in the department on his
way to promotion to Fire Chief in January 2003. He is a past co-chair of the MABAS – IL
Hazardous Materials committee and was awarded the President’s Leadership Award by
MABAS in 2011. Chief Maloy was elected President of the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association
in 2014 after serving as an area representative for the previous 5 years and has been a
member of the executive board and a past President of the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs
Association of Illinois, as well. Chief Maloy has represented the Illinois fire service while
hosting a tactical exercise of TopOff 2 in 2003, during a deployment to Hurricane Katrina
in 2005 and in Warsaw, Poland for Eskulap 2009, a multi-national military training
exercise during which he worked with members of the Illinois National Guard, Illinois Air
National Guard and the Polish military on chemical and biological weapons response and
patient decontamination, triage and treatment. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree
from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, a Master of Science degree from
Benedictine University in Lisle, is certified by the Office of the State Fire Marshal as a Fire
Officer 3 and was awarded the professional designation of Chief Fire Officer (CFOD) from
the Center for Public Safety Excellence in 2013.

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Chief Joe Holomy

​​Chief Joe Holomy has been in the fire service since 1976, beginning as a volunteer Firefighter in northern Illinois southwest of Chicago. 

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