Chicago Area Radio Monitoring Association (CARMA) is not affiliated with MABAS-IL or any other "official" public-safety organization. It is a loosely organized list-serve group that, as hobbyists, share information about scanners, radio systems, antennas, and related monitoring issues.

To become a member of CARMA, it is simply a matter of joining a Yahoo Group - that's it. Many members are professional communications technicians, police, fire, and EMS personnel, and just plain hobbyists.  The MABAS-IL organization is quick to point out that if anyone approaches a member of the fire service claiming to be a CARMA member, demanding data about radio systems, frequencies, radio call signs, procedures, etc., the fire agency should NOT share the data with them.

See letter from CARMA

It should be noted that MABAS-IL neither endorses or condemns CARMA, but recognizes that many hobbyists listen to our various radio systems. CARMA members have assisted public-safety agencies in the past to help identify interference and resolve other problems.
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