​VHF Radio Interoperability

Fire agencies are taking delivery of the mobile radio that is part of a statewide grant by way of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force (ITTF). If your fire agency has NOT received the radio yet (Motorola XTL-5000) please contact Chief Dave Dato (Wauconda FD) at DDato@waucondafire.org

The intent of the ITTF grant was to provide all fire, police, EMS, and Emergency Management agencies with a method of interoperable communications. VHF was chosen because it is the most common band for interoperability in the state. For further information, See channel chart

The radios have been programmed with the common channels per discipline. For example the fire profile is different from the police or EMA version of the channels. However, ALL radios have common interoperability channels including IREACH and V-Tac.

Also see the letter from Motorola on how to ship the unit back if it has not been programmed properly. This is new as of June 2006.

The radios should be serviced by a qualified technician to ensure that the programming is proper or add local dispatch channels into the unit. Please share this information with your qualified radio technician or radio shop.

It is the policy of the ITTF Communications Committee that users are allowed to ADD channels to the radio, but NO PRE-PROGRAMMED CHANNELS are to be DELETED. Obviously, any re-programming or the addition of channels will be done at each agency's expense, so DO NOT contact the ITTF for re-programming except for some possible programming errors during roll-out of the radios. Additional channels could include local dispatch frequencies or any other frequencies authorized by each agency's FCC license.

It is permitted to install the radio into a front-line rig, Chief's car, comm van, or any other appropriate official vehicle. Some agencies have opted to install the radio into a weatherproof "Pelican" case. This is fully acceptable as long as there is a policy to use the radio during major incidents and disasters to facilitate interoperable communications. The state has a few Pelican cases available. If interested, please contact Chief Dave Dato (Wauconda FD) at DDato@waucondafire.org or Chief Paul Maplethorpe (Round Lake FD) at PMaplethorpe@roundlakefire.org to see about availability.
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