Box Alarm Card Definitions

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Department Name The name of the Fire Department issuing the card.
Box Alarm Type The type of emergency situation covered by the card.
Effective Date The date the use of the card is authorized to begin by the issuing department.
MABAS Division The Division in which the Fire Department holds a membership.
Box Alarm Number The number for the card designated by the Fire Department. The numbering system should be coordinated with the other members of the Division.
Location or Area This can be a single location or building; a geographical portion of the departments area of response or the entire area of response.
Authorized Signature The signature of the Fire Chief of the department issuing the card.
Local Dispatch Area This portion of the card is intended to show the response for any units prior to the Box Alarm level. The primary responding units will be those of the local department and possibly outside departments generally using auto-aid agreements.
Alarm Level This refers to the designation given by the issuing department for responses to this location prior to the Box Alarm level. This allows for the two levels prior to the Box Alarm level. The name of the alarm levels will be based on local preference. Includes the names of the departments that are committed to provide this type of equipment at the alarm level designated.
Engines Based on local designations.
Tenders Based on local designations.
Trucks Based on local designations.
Squads Based on local designations.
Chiefs Can include Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief, Battalion Chief or those staff officers acceptable to the members of the Division.
Special Equipment Any ancillary units, individuals or specialized apparatus that would be beneficial for the type of alarm designated by the card. These resources may or may not be owned and operated by the member departments.
Change of Quarters This lists the station/s that will house units from neighboring departments. The specific units that are specified on each level will respond to other emergency calls for the duration of the original call or moved up to the scene during further alarms.
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