This site was created not only to provide information regarding the structure of MABAS-IL organizationally but also for committee members to be able to utilize a secure portal in order to assist in executing their duties and responsibilities. Further, the portal will provide an enhanced ability to collaborate and share information with other committee members. Standing Committee members please log in to enter your respective portal.

It is the responsibility of all MABAS-IL Divisions, departments, and Chiefs to participate in committees, work for task groups or serve as a liaison on the behalf of, interest and welfare of MABAS-IL. MABAS-IL membership involvement is critical to the leadership and success of MABAS-IL. Standing committees, along with workgroups and assignments as a MABAS-IL liaison, serve a substantial purpose in guiding, directing, and representing MABAS-IL.

Standing committees are coordinated and report to the 2nd Vice President of the MABAS-IL Executive Team. Quarterly written reports are provided to full Executive Board quarterly meetings by all Standing Committees.
Standing Committees are only established by a majority vote of the full MABAS-IL Executive Board. Standing Committees may only be disbanded by a majority vote of the MABAS-IL full Executive Board. Standing Committees deal with matters of ongoing, mainstay importance to the mission of MABAS-IL. Below is a list of MABAS-IL Standing Committees:

1. Communications Committee :
The Committee focuses on technical aspects of voice, data, and video systems which provide conduits for information. Technical and human matters associated with resource control and dispatch operations for MABAS-IL, fire, EMS, and special operations teams.
Committee Co-chair(s): Chris Lienhardt, Director, Lake County 9-1-1
Ron Kleinhaus, Chief, Evergreen Park Fire Department

After a year of work, the Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee’s Technology Sub-Committee has completed a minor update to the Statewide Interoperability Template (SWIT). More importantly, discipline specific SWIT programming guides were developed for use by radio programmers. (attached)

The Programming Guide for PSAP control stations is still a work in progress and is not included with this distribution.

In addition to all local, county and regional channels and zones, programming all frequency band specific SWIT zones for all radios is essential for effective interoperable communications during major incidents, disasters and statewide deployments. Further, programming the SWIT zones in the order presented in the programming guide will assist a Communications Unit Leader (COM-L) at a major event. Local, county and regional zones can be added before and/or after the appropriate SWIT zones.

For example, all fire service VHF mobile and portable radios should be programmed with the following interoperability zones: VFIRE, VMED, VCALL, and VFED-IR.

STARCOM21 mobile and portable radios must include (per your STARCOM21 user agreement) the following zones: CALLING, INCIDENT A, INCIDENT B, SECURE A*, SECURE B*, RESERVE A, MABAS, SWIT BC through SWIT BJ and SWIT SECURE-BY*.

7/800 MHz users that are not on STARCOM21 should also program the following zones into your radios: SWIT BC through SWIT BJ and SWIT SECURE-BY*.

*Secure talkgroups and frequencies require the use of radios equipped with AES-256 multi-key encryption hardware and software. Radios that lack the secure capability should not be programmed with the secure zones.

Fire departments should program the STARCOM21 MABAS zone into all SC21 radios. Guidance for use of the additional MABAS talkgroups will be forthcoming but may be essential during a crisis.

Keyloading secure keys for encrypted channels can be coordinated through MABAS’ communications specialist team. Keyloading requests should be emailed to .

For questions or comments about the SWIT or Programming Guides, please contact the SIEC Technology Sub-Committee Chair Paul Maplethorpe at








2. All Hazards Operation Support Team (AHOST) :
The All Hazards Operational Support Team (AHOST) Committee focuses on practices, procedures, guidelines for a response, mobilizations, deployments, rotations, tactical and strategic operations for IMAT, IMT or IST support, on scene credentialing and accountability of personnel deployed to a MABAS incident.
Committee Co-chair(s): Joe Cluchey – Fire Chief – Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District
Steve DeJong – Deputy Fire Chief – Homewood Fire Department

3. Technical Rescue Team (TRT) Committee :
Focuses upon matters specific to Divisional TRT Teams and their operations.
Committee Co-chair(s): Mark Bozik – Fire Chief – Roselle Fire Department

4. Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Team Committee :
Focuses upon matters specific to Divisional HAZMAT Teams and their operations.
Committee Co-chair(s): Kevin Welsh – Fire Chief – Glenwood Fire Department

5. Water Rescue & Recovery Team Committee :
Focuses upon matters specific to Divisional underwater rescue/recovery and swift water actions and their operations.
Committee Co-chair(s): Bert Lancaster – Fire Chief – Fox River and Countryside Fire Protection District
Todd Rishling – Battalion Chief – Elk Grove Fire Department

2023 MABAS Water Equipment

020223 MABAS Flood Swift Water Team Status

041223 MABAS Water Meeting Minutes

Copy of State Police SCUBA

MABAS Water Committee Contact Info

Maintain Outboard Motor

Special Operations – Swiftwater Team Standards

Zodiac Emergency Response Boats



By-Laws and Elections Committee :
The Committee focuses upon amendments to and additions to MABAS-IL By-laws and procedures regarding elections and nominations of all Executive Team Board Members (e.g. President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer / Comptroller).
Committee Co-chair(s): Harry Tallacksen – Blackhawk Fire Protection District
Paul Maplethrope – Deputy Chief – Newport Fire Protection District

Fleet and Mobile Mechanics Committee
Dennis Kennedy – District Chief – Morton Grove Fire Department
Darrell Page – Fire Chief – R.S.P. & E. Fire Protection District

FILO Committee
Committee Co-chair(s): Jeremy Norris – Fire Chief – Williamson County Fire Department
Steve Bennett – Fire Chief – Charleston Fire Department

Co-Chair(s): Kennan Newton – Fire Chief – Lynwood Fire Department
Kent Adams – Fire chief – Romeoville Fire Department